Self-Portraits – A Kind of Introduction

Starring in mid-October I decided that I would try for a self-portrait everyday. It’s worked out to every other day and then every other week, but that is surprisingly faithful to my original intent. I usually don’t show that much discipline. It has been pretty interesting to do . Some days my hand and eyes just won’t work together. Some days it’s like I’m not doing anything at all–the picture just appears. Well here’s some favorites from last month:






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4 responses to “Self-Portraits – A Kind of Introduction

  1. Great selfportraits…very expressive!

  2. Oh YEAH I am LOVIN’ these! I know I won’t but your sketches and self portrtait goal makes me want to do the same. No. You do it. You post them. I’ll visit. Deal?

  3. genxsters

    Oh Susan, you are such a sweetie! Thanks so much. I hope you do come visit again. I should be updating soon.

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