Portrait Swap With Enerene74

I was looking through some Flickr contact pages the other day and I came across this drawing of me. Enerene74 used to do a lot of sketches of fellow artists on Flickr. I enjoyed them a lot. Unfortunately he has been busy and not sketching much. I was delighted to see that he made timeContinue reading “Portrait Swap With Enerene74”

Travel to 7 Continents Meme

I was tagged for this meme by Doudy at Doudy Sketch Watercolor. Doudy is a great guy and his enthusiasm about watercolors is contagious. I even bought myself some watercolors yesterday after years of saying that I would never try it. Love ya, Doudy! This looks like a fun meme and I tag anyone whoContinue reading “Travel to 7 Continents Meme”