Portrait Swap With Enerene74


I was looking through some Flickr contact pages the other day and I came across this drawing of me. Enerene74 used to do a lot of sketches of fellow artists on Flickr. I enjoyed them a lot. Unfortunately he has been busy and not sketching much. I was delighted to see that he made time to do a sketch of me. I think he did a great job capturing my smile.

I did this sketch to return the favor. I am pleased to report that he likes the sketch very much.



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3 responses to “Portrait Swap With Enerene74

  1. I like how you have captured the look on his face, the communication in his eyes. Very soulful, this portrait. I feel as if I could really talk to him, like he’s a real person.

  2. genxster

    Thanks so much! It’s a bit of a challenge to do a drawing from a photograph, especially someone you do not know well. I always want to bring more into the drawing. I try to guess what the person is feeling and try to bring that in.

  3. I had a look on Flickr at your portrait and it is so good. He has captured a great smile there. Your portrait of him is excellent also. You amaze me with your life like images of people which really brings them to life.

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