Starting an Illustrated Journal

I’ve been doing well with the Creative Every Day Challenge. I’m up to day eight. This is the best page I’ve made over the last few days. I’m starting up another illustrated journal, something that I used to do and enjoy, but inexplicably dropped a few years ago. It’s the easiest way for me toContinue reading “Starting an Illustrated Journal”

Creating Every Day in 2013

Today I signed up for the Creative Every Day Challenge.  I’m committing to doing something creative every day in 2013.  What I like about Leah Piken Kolidas’ challenge is that it calls for creativity in it’s broadest sense. So while I may draw or doodle some days, I can also practice my ukelele, take someContinue reading “Creating Every Day in 2013”

Welcoming 2013 With New Confidence

The other day I whining about how little progress I thought I had made over the last couple of years.  I’d been sick with a cold and generally whinging about everything I could think of.   Last night, since I felt better I got out my sketchbook to do more practice drew this drawing of actorContinue reading “Welcoming 2013 With New Confidence”

2012 ATC Round UP

So much for my creative journey this year.   As I look back on 2012 I see a lot of ebb and not much flow.   I didn’t spend much time drawing, instead I spent too much time experimenting with art journaling, mixed-media, and collage.  Oh, my.  I am definitely not a mixed-media collage artist. That’s all I’mContinue reading “2012 ATC Round UP”

Sketchbook Project: Heroes and Villains (The Intro)

(click on the image to see full size) This summer I signed up for the 2012 Sketchbook Project.   You receive a book, fill it,  send it back, and it goes on national tour with thousands of other sketchbooks.  People get to flip through your book and see your process or just enjoy the drawings.  AllContinue reading “Sketchbook Project: Heroes and Villains (The Intro)”

ATCs: Cats, Cats, and More Cats

More cats for you here.  I’ve been making a lot of these lately.  I think because I want to make sure that they aren’t flukes or just happy accidents.  I’m so amazed by how well these are turning out.   For a contrast, here are some cat drawings I drew in 2008: Big improvement, I think.