Welcoming 2013 With New Confidence

The other day I whining about how little progress I thought I had made over the last couple of years.  I’d been sick with a cold and generally whinging about everything I could think of.   Last night, since I felt better I got out my sketchbook to do more practice drew this drawing of actorContinue reading “Welcoming 2013 With New Confidence”

Every Day in May: Day 10 – Orchid Show Drawings

(click the image to see a larger, sharper view) I skipped day nine,  but I’m back on with Day 10.  I went to my first orchid show on Sunday.  I had never been to a flower show and I wanted some new things to draw so I went. I took a few pictures to useContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 10 – Orchid Show Drawings”

Every Day in May: Day 8 – Pug ATC

After doing a number of sketches last week I finished my friend Robin’s card.   She supplied me with a few pictures of her pug and put this together.  Here are a few sketches I mentioned in another post: My main focus was on the eyes and capturing the guilty expression the dog had.   IContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 8 – Pug ATC”