Every Day in May: Day 19 – Frankenstein ATC

2.5″ x 3.5″ pen and markers Last month one of my card trading pals, Coop, recruited me for a mail art project he has going.  He is collecting images of the Frankenstein monster in all styles and media.  I finally got around to making his card on Day 19.  I wanted to capture the sadnessContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 19 – Frankenstein ATC”

Every Day in May: Day 18 – Obama ATC

I’ve been working on my list of artist trading card requests.   This drawing of President Obama is for a gal who is collecting cards featuring each of the presidents.   I drew this from  one of the weekly address videos I had downloaded from http://www.whitehouse.gov.

Every Day in May: Day 12 – More ATCs

I’m still working on this dreaded IllustratedAtcs.com PAT.    One of the themes is the Welsh goddess-queen  Rhiannon.  She has a pretty sad tale.   Her child disappeared when she was asleep and her ladies-in-waiting, fearing they would be blamed,  killed a puppy and smeared the blood on Rhiannon while she was sleeping.  They them laid theContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 12 – More ATCs”

Every Day in May: Day 11 – Playing Catch-Up with ATCs

I’ve been working on sketches for cards I have due soon.  I’ve been having a heck of a time.  I signed up for something called a PAT or Pick-a-Theme.  You sign up for a group (usually about 5 people) and each group member chooses a theme for the others to work on.   Well, when IContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 11 – Playing Catch-Up with ATCs”

Every Day in May: Day 8 – Pug ATC

After doing a number of sketches last week I finished my friend Robin’s card.   She supplied me with a few pictures of her pug and put this together.  Here are a few sketches I mentioned in another post: My main focus was on the eyes and capturing the guilty expression the dog had.   IContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 8 – Pug ATC”

Every Day in May: Day 5 – White on Black

I managed to finish my last card for an illustratedatcs.com swap.  I was starting to get frantic because, again, I had signed up for too many swaps and taken a ton of requests.  Well, I can now cross one off the list.   *Ah*  That feels better. This little portrait card is simply white colored pencilContinue reading “Every Day in May: Day 5 – White on Black”

ATCs: Lillian Gish

I made these cards for a trader who liked my Buster Keaton card.  She asked if we could trade Lillian Gish cards.    I’ve seen lots of her silent movies and  find her face fascinating so I agreed immediately.  I decided to use the trade as an opportunity to practice a little brush work and moveContinue reading “ATCs: Lillian Gish”

More Ink and Watercolor: Looking Forward

My watercolor experiments continue.  So far my favorite colors for portraits are: scarlet lake raw sienna golden yellow french ultramarine violet a touch of burnt sienna I mix scarlet lake and raw sienna on the palette for the base color.  After that I go wet into wet and and apply an individual color on theContinue reading “More Ink and Watercolor: Looking Forward”

Tagged! Six Random Things

I was tagged by Mary at Artsy Musings and so to get back into the swing of things around here I thought I’d share six random things about myself: I hate to exercise, but I’ve found that I like using a hula-hoop.   I’m just so pleased that I can keep the thing going. We gotContinue reading “Tagged! Six Random Things”