In the Style of Modigliani – Portrait Atcs

I just joined and signed up for my first card swap over there.   We were to make cards based on the work of Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920).  I’ve always liked Modigliani, so it was fun to make these cards.  I managed to squeeze a self-portrait in.  I’m the one with the glasses.  Michael makes anContinue reading “In the Style of Modigliani – Portrait Atcs”

“You Look Like You Have Indigestion,” he said.

That’s what a friend of mine told me when he saw this picture. You know, he’s right. I like using these water-soluble graphite pencils. I’ve been using the Derwent brand. On this piece I used the HB and 4B pencils. I just love spreading that graphite around with a brush. I found this tutorial onContinue reading ““You Look Like You Have Indigestion,” he said.”

Don’t Know What You’re Doing? Do It Anyway!

graphite and drawing inks Yesterday I sat down to draw and I got out these bottles of ink I had been ignoring ever since I had brought them home. I have been using Copic brush markers for months doing simulated washes on my art cards and drawings. I liked using these markers because I feltContinue reading “Don’t Know What You’re Doing? Do It Anyway!”

Something Completely Different – Paint!

I got out my paints and did this little self-portrait sketch in acrylics on paper. I hadn’t painted in two years, so I was pleased with how this turned out. After working with colored pencils, it was kind of a relief to work with paints. Painting is so much more forgiving.

And now for those resolutions…

I thought I would put up one last picture in case I’m not able to leave another post before the new year. I did a self-portrait with colored pencils. It relates to one of my resolutions listed below. Now for resolutions for 2008. If I had a dollar for every resolution that I followed throughContinue reading “And now for those resolutions…”

Self-Portraits – A Kind of Introduction

Starring in mid-October I decided that I would try for a self-portrait everyday. It’s worked out to every other day and then every other week, but that is surprisingly faithful to my original intent. I usually don’t show that much discipline. It has been pretty interesting to do . Some days my hand and eyesContinue reading “Self-Portraits – A Kind of Introduction”