ATC: John Waters

I just did an atc trade with a lovely gentleman that I know as “Coop” on my trading site.  We agreed to do a trade and asked me to draw the cult film director John Waters.    I had a hazy memory of a  guy with a big forehead and a cheesy little moustache.   ItContinue reading “ATC: John Waters”

ATCs: Baby Girl

I just finished this card I did for a monthly trade on  We’re assigned a partner and make a card they might like based on information they provide in a profile.  This drawing is of my partner’s granddaughter. I think I did okay here.  I was trying to capture a sense of innocence inContinue reading “ATCs: Baby Girl”

ATCs: Self-portrait by Request

I made this artist trading card by request.  I’ve had a number of people ask me for self-portrait cards when we arrange personal trades.   That surprises me since I’m a complete stranger to them.   But I suppose that doesn’t matter if you like the drawing. I did this from a photo I found of myselfContinue reading “ATCs: Self-portrait by Request”

Winter Takes It’s Toll

This guy looks like how I’ve been feeling the last few days.   It’s probably just winter blahs and the fact that I’ve had a bad cold and I’m lacking any inspiration as far as drawing goes. Fortunately I had a personal ATC trade with an artist who calls herself Rapa on the trading site.  Continue reading “Winter Takes It’s Toll”

More ATCs: Portrait Cards

I’ve been doing my two favorite things: making cards and drawing portraits. I’ve been finishing up some obligations and making a few cards for gifts.  I really like the expressions that emerged on these. One of the things I love the most about card trading is how excited and please people seem to be whenContinue reading “More ATCs: Portrait Cards”

Making Cards and Making Friends

I made this card for a young woman who goes by Mangosteenskin on Monday Artday ATCs.  I love her watercolor illustrations so I asked her for a trade.  She’s from Malasyia, so she asked if I would like a portrait card of a girl wearing a Sabahan costume.  That sounded great for me and I agreed to do this portrait card forContinue reading “Making Cards and Making Friends”

Pencil Portrait Sketch: Emma Watson

I just realized how close we are to the end of the year.  I was looking back at the drawings I made this year and came across this sketch I did back in January.  I posted it on Flickr but never posted it here.  I wonder why, since I like this sketch quite a bit.   Continue reading “Pencil Portrait Sketch: Emma Watson”

Portrait Swap with Cindy Gray

I completed another portrait swap.  This time with artist Cindy Gray.  I met Cindy through Blog Catalog and she suggested that we do a swap.  I was thrilled!  I had a lot of fun doing a swap with Ujwala so I jumped at the chance to do another swap.  You can read about our swap onContinue reading “Portrait Swap with Cindy Gray”

Presidential Debate Sketches

Friday night I sat with my sketchpad and tried drawing the presidential candidates while they were talking.   This was pretty tough to do, but it was helpful that they were stuck at their podiums.  I could start a sketch and know that their heads would return to something close to one of the positions thatContinue reading “Presidential Debate Sketches”